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GST Records

Work smarter, not harder

GST on Payslip

Smarter Payslips

Self-employed, but on payroll? GST is broken down and displayed on your payslip, so you've got all the numbers - but still as a single line item, so you don't wind up with a list as long as your arm.

Turbo Returns

When it's time to do your GST returns, you have a digital archive that shows exactly which items have had GST applied, how much, and the GST total per pay run. Easily keep track of your taxable and non-taxable portions.

GST Per Payrun
GST Payroll Setup

Held Accountable

With records of payments vs GST, the numbers transfer easily into accounting software, and provides transparency at a glance for your financial adviser or auditor.

Contractors Get the Goods (and Services)

Running payroll for a contractor? Add a label to identify each line item, so their payslip tells them exactly what they're getting paid for. Switch on GST and we'll calculate the 15% for you in payroll, and the running total will clearly show you whether GST has been applied for each payment.

Payroll with GST

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