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Payroll Leave Calculation

We’ll crunch the numbers

Leave calculations are a pain, and even MBIE can't work them out. PaySauce makes sure staff accrue correctly and get the right pay when they take leave.

On the record

Leave balances and accruals are stored on our app, available at the touch of a button. Staff can keep an eye on their own entitlements and don’t need you to fill them in.

Payroll Leave Balances
Payroll Leave Calendar

See it coming

Your team's leave is presented in calendar format, so managers can easily see what’s coming up before they approve a holiday. By viewing your complete leave schedule in PaySauce, you can check you're not sending critical people away at the same time.

Stay mobile

Whether it’s checking balances, making or approving leave requests, or seeing who has holidays coming up, you and your staff can do it all from your smartphones. No more using text messages and post-its to keep track of important leave info.

Mobile Payroll

If you've seen enough, let's get started!

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