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Akahu with PaySauce

Payroll using New Zealand’s open finance platform

PaySauce uses Akahu to make payments easy.

What is Akahu?

It’s New Zealand’s open finance platform

What does it do?

Akahu provides integrations with New Zealand banks, which makes it simple to connect your bank account to trusted products like PaySauce. Once your account is connected, we can automate paying your staff and the IRD.

How can I find out more about Akahu?

Read all about them on Akahu's website.

Why does PaySauce use Akahu?

It lets employers connect their bank accounts directly to PaySauce, themselves. There are no forms flying forwards and backwards - and more importantly, no delays . Paying your staff and the tax man has never been easier.

Do I have to reconnect each time I run a pay?

No, the connection is ongoing and can be managed in your integration settings inside PaySauce or at my.akahu.nz.

What data do you collect as part of the linking?

Your bank account number is the only data collected and held by PaySauce. Learn more in PaySauce’s Privacy Policy and Akahu’s Privacy Policy.

How does it actually work?

When you connect your bank account via Akahu, they’ll create a token to access your account, and your credentials will be immediately deleted. Then when you approve a payrun in PaySauce, we’ll send the payment instruction to Akahu, who will use the token to initiate the payment from your connected bank account. The token is securely stored, and cannot be used to recreate your credentials.

Who can use Akahu?

How do I connect PaySauce with Akahu?

Step by step set up for existing customers:

  1. Log into your PaySauce account

  2. Go to Settings Integrations Akahu

  3. Follow the guidance on screen

  4. Once integrated and accounts linked, go to Accounts Bank

  5. Click the edit pencil on the account you'd like to use and set as default

  6. Code and Reference details can also be added but are optional