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Timber Framing is a centuries-old method of building that has stood the test of time. Timbers are joined with elaborate mortise (slot), tenon (tab) and dovetail joints and locked with wooden pins. Nails, brackets, bolts or other means of support are only used on some non-structural members under very special circumstances.
Brought to North America by early settlers, the craft was adapted to suit the New World's harsh weather and utilize it's plentiful supply of virgin timber. Early pioneers built their timber-framed homes to last for generations. Even today, these homes are marvels of structural integrity. The solid, honest craftsmanship pays tribute to the spirit of our early ancestors. See some of Christopher's timber frame projects in the Photo Gallery.
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Why Timber Framing Today?
If you're like the artist, you stand in awe of the rugged endurance of early New England homes. If you've been fortunate enough to live in one, you know the power and presence of their massive posts, beams and floor joists. Yet, they create an atmosphere of warmth and spirit that is timeless.
Timber framed homes lend themselves beautifully to open floor plans, since the structure doesn't require support from partition walls.

It's an understatement to say that timber framed structures are far more sound than modern stick frame homes. By comparison, today's buildings look ludicrously frail.

Take a drive most anywhere in New England and you'll see timber-framed structures that are well over 300 years old and still in use. (In Europe, many are over half a millenium old!)
With tight sheathing and an insulated shell, the timber framed home is here to stay for generations to come and can be amazingly energy efficient.
Timber Arch Truss and Timber Frame Barn
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