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Mission & Values

Our Mission

The straight up provider of effortless solutions for people at work.

Our Values

Do good and be honest

We act ethically and never knowingly cause harm. We lend a hand and we care for our customers and our community. We’re honest, fair and we prioritise people. We strive for transparency - we’re up-front about what we do. We’ve earned our customers’ trust and confidence because we really know our stuff, but at the same time we hold ourselves accountable, own our mistakes and then learn from them.

Respect and include

We make technology but our biggest focus is on people. We value everyone’s ideas and input and we treat everyone right. We think difference and variety are pretty cool, and we won’t stand for bullying, discrimination or narrow-mindedness. We listen to our partners, customers, team and stakeholders and we make sure our decisions drive the outcomes that they need.

Fun and fresh

We’re a wee bit quirky and we go our own way. We keep each other humble and we call it like we see it. We’re always professional, but we’re down-to-earth and we’re good company. We’re serious about what we do - but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Simple and smart

We work really hard to make tricky stuff easy, and we proactively solve real problems for our customers. We’re always improving and innovating, and we’re never “finished” - we can always do more and get better. We’re curious, driven and dedicated, looking for the simplest answers to the trickiest questions. We love to be pioneering and bold, but we never over-complicate anything or fix what’s not broken.

Resourceful and results-oriented

We’re ambitious but grounded, and our decisions are shrewd and data-driven. We’re motivated by success and we’re always working to create the returns to fuel a healthy, sustainable business. We strategically prioritise tasks and tactics in order to regularly deliver outcomes, because we know that what gets produced is more important than what gets planned. We’re adaptive, agile and unafraid to take a calculated risk, while always arming ourselves with the best information available.