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Our Story

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Who we are and how we got here

PaySauce is software at work for people. We make it really easy for Kiwi employers to manage the human side of business, from contracts to digital timesheets, payroll, banking and filing.

PaySauce began as a simple solution, but one that was built to grow. We got started in 2014 with Asantha and Troy, two guys with very different skill sets and a shared background in payroll problem-solving. PaySauce was the space to put their "what-if's" into practice, with a people-oriented pay solution that you’d actually want to use. They gathered a few customers, mostly through word of mouth, and started turning an idea into an application.

These days, we’ve got more than a few customers, and we're firmly established as a leader in the farming space. We've succeeded in agri, especially in dairy, by building solutions with and for real people in the industry. We talk with our customers and partners, not at them. While our newest features and applications are farm focused, we believe they have potential for the entire small business market. PaySauce is taking off as not only a payroll provider, but a full suite of employment solutions, as we launch the PaySauce platform.

Troy and Asantha still own and look after their experiment, but now we’re a whole team. We continue to be all about bright ideas and people, and we plan to keep our scrappy, start-up spirit as we grow.

Our big goal is to make it easy to be a really good boss, by keeping every person in your business connected and informed. We listen to and work alongside our customers, to make sure we’re solving real problems in practical ways. We’re taking care of the tough jobs, so you can get back to business.

This is just the beginning. We’re going places - and you’re invited.

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Our Team