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A native New Englander, Christopher LaMontagne is an accomplished, highly sought after builder and timber framer who has has travelled to Europe to study timber framed buildings. He is an extremely multi-faceted artist, furniture maker, architectual wood worker, expert wood carver, sculptor and wood turner with legions of satisfied clients. Christopher is one the most dynamic, versatile and multi-talented woodworkers in the U.S. today. LaMontagne's attention to detail is the trademark of a master craftsman, as the intricate carvings of his work demonstrate. With integrity and innovation, he has found a perfect balance between Old World and contemporary building techniques.
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His versatility, skill, energy and dedication to his craft are uncompromising, establishing him as a professional who is well suited to commission projects of any size.

What makes Christopher unique is his talent for taking an idea, thought or dream, whether his own or someone else's and transforming it to reality.

His amazing two dimensional drawings magically transform concepts into masterpieces that are complicated and visually exciting.

If you have an idea or dream requiring an Artist and Master Craftsman, you've found the one who can bring it to life.

See examples of some of Christopher's creations here and in the Photo Gallery.

Christopher LaMontagne is ready to create a one-of-a-kind work of art just for you. Call Christopher today!
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